Presenter Responsibilities

Presenter Responsibilities

The moderator (or panel chair) of each CAMEX session is responsible for achieving the excellence of the session, and for communicating with all panelists in his/her session. The moderator is also responsible for communicating to the CAMEX Program Committee, through NACS Professional Development, the status and needs of the session and/or panelists.


As a lead presenter or moderator of the session, you are responsible for:
  • Meeting the deadlines communicated by NACS Staff for submitting/reviewing session information.
  • Coordinating with co-presenters or panelists initially and then communicating with them prior to the meeting.
  • Ensuring co-presenters or panelists are familiar with their responsibilities.
  • Returning any session information required by NACS for each presenter in the session.
  • Determining the audio/visual and room setup needs of your session.
  • Preparing a brief, but appropriate, introduction of your session.
  • Completing and returning to NACS the Presenter Copyright Permission Authorization Form, so we may capture the audio/video of your session (if applicable) and post session handouts.
  • Checking with NACS before agreeing to pay a fee and/or expenses for any presenter.

On-site responsibilities

You and the other panelists should arrive on-site in time to:
  • Rehearse your session prior to your presentation time.
  • Meet the session host and communicate any changes in presenter or A/V needs.

During the session

You are in charge. It is up to you to ensure:
  • The introduction sets the tone for an enthusiastic, energetic session.
  • The audience is aware in which direction to move in case of fire.
  • The session presentations, activities, and Q&A each stay within their planned allotted session time.
  • The session is not allowed to run overtime.
  • The audience is reminded to fill out the evaluation survey.
  • Co-presenters or panelists are thanked for their contribution to the session.