Presenter's Manual

Presenter's Manual

The purpose of the CAMEX Presenter's Manual is to emphasize the importance of the educational sessions of CAMEX and to guide presenters making presentations.

It is important for you to review this manual carefully so that you will be familiar with the policies and procedures that have been established by the CAMEX Program Committee and/or the NACS Education Committee.

Your role in the educational programs

As a presenter, panelist, moderator, or someone making an introduction, you are an integral part of the CAMEX educational process. Your participation allows NACS to reach out to others in the industry by offering them the educational support necessary to improve their professional lives. This experience also affords you the opportunity to learn from others in the industry and from experts outside the collegiate retail industry. You and your panel are responsible for providing a resource for learning. You are also responsible for determining and meeting objectives for your session, maintaining a learning climate, making the presentation clear and concise, and providing support with audiovisual materials and handouts.

Communication is the key

It is important to maintain open communication with all those involved in your CAMEX session. Those who serve as moderators must communicate with all panelists, just as those who serve as panelists must communicate with the moderator and NACS headquarters to ensure quality programming. Communication with NACS Professional Development is also important so that all material and equipment needs are arranged.

Indeed, your role is crucial to the continued success of CAMEX. The resources in this manual will help you on your way.